My name is Dennis Sheppard. I am the owner of New Body Architects Training Facility located in Plantation Florida. Are you struggling to lose weight??? If you have tried all of the fad diets, and you’re fed up with being out of shape, tired, and not fitting into your clothes, I am glad you found this website.You see, 15 years ago, I dreamed of becoming a champion natural bodybuilder and owning my own training facility. I was the guy who took pride in getting in my workouts, but never really got into extraordinary shape. I had a pretty average body at best. Now here I am! I won the men’s natural bodybuilding state championships in West Palm Beach in 2010 and numerous awards including 4 other 1st place wins.The good news is, you don’t have to settle. If you’re serious about finally getting fit and living free of worry about how you look, then I am here to help!I have broken the code after countless hours and years of struggling, I finally figured out the most powerful fat crushing and muscle toning program in the South Florida area. Check out some of the results your neighbors are getting with my training programs, so simple, yet so effective. Some of these strategies were used on the contestants on a reality show where some contestants lost a whopping 40 pounds in 9 weeks. Literally, anyone can do it. Including you!!If you are done making excuses, and you are ready to transform your life, mind, and body. Join the club at New Body Architects. Please be warned…..We do not accept excuses……if you are not ready, please kindly click off this site and waste your time doodling on other sites. Failure is not an option at New Body Architects. We provide the support and guidance; all you have to do is show up and put in 100% effort.

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1 on 1 training offers private instruction by a selected trainer of your choice. (There is additional cost to train 1 on 1 with Dennis) You will receive all of the benefits that our personal training programs provide plus additional supervision and program customization. If you are rehabbing a injury or just want the peace of mind of added supervision, this plan is for you.

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Semi-private training offers all of the benefits included in our personal training programs at a reduced or discounted rate. If you are 100% healthy and highly motivated. This program is a great way to get in shape.

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The purpose of the LIFE program is to support our customers with a one-on-one customized nutrition solution that will change and improve your life. As you begin your fitness routine, by addressing your nutrition, your results are easily guaranteed.

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✔ 1 . l-on-I fitness consultation
✔ 2 . Diet Analysis
✔ 3 . Individual menu planning
✔ 4 . Exercise prescription
✔ 5 . We provide customized meal plans to help guide you to your goal
✔ 6 . Healthy recipes
✔ 7 . Private or Semi-Private exercise programs
✔ 8 . Ways to control and eliminate stress
✔ 9 . Weekly accountability check-ins
✔ 10 . Monthly progress reports
✔ 11 . Unlimited email support
✔ 12 . New client success packet
✔ 13 . Studio towel with logo
✔ 14 . Studio community events
✔ 15 . A true partner in your health & fitness




Train in a private small, friendly studio without all the hustle and bustle of a traditional box gyms and without all of the gansta wanna be’s, rude mannered members or competing to get on one piece of equipment. Workout in a positive atmosphere where everyone is serious about getting results and attaining their fitness goals. Training in a facility that surrounds you with men and women who train with a goal in mind for improving their bodies will have a tremendous effect on your motivation, attitude and results.

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The Boost program

The Boost program is a great way to start learning how to eat healthy, balanced and nutritious meals. It provided the basic fundamentals to leading a healthy lifestyle.






Dennis Sheppard

Dennis Sheppard


“I have competed in the NGA, NPC and have competed in many shows taking 1st place and overall wins. Competing has given me the knowledge and experience to transform bodies from average to extraordinary! I have helped engineer over 21 first place wins and 6 overall wins in the past 4 years in bikini, figure and bodybuilding categories. New Body Architects is where getting results is just the beginning!”

Elena Ramos

Elena Ramos


“I can honestly say my true personality does not match my biggest achievements. You can not be shy and step foot on stage and win. But I’ve learned that stepping out of that comfort zone is the greatest feat you can do for yourself. It is the only way to grow. I was fortunate to have the best teachers guiding me every step of the way until I took my first step on stage. I won 1st place in my first bikini competition! I continue to train for future competitions, and only desire to become better and better with each competition I part take in. It’s all mental. “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind”. New Body Architects not only trains the best, but creates the best of the best competitors!”

If you are ready to get the body you deserve and have always wanted, you are in the right place. Let the results speak for themselves. We have programs that are designed to take you from where you are now to the fit and healthy person you want and should be.

The Results speak for themselves. What are you waiting for?
Alyana Arroyo

Alyana Arroyo

“I have been training with Dennis since November of 2010. I originally came to him with hopes of losing a few pounds. I was the heaviest I had ever been and as a result lacked confidence. After consistently meeting with Dennis 2-3 times a week, I managed to lose over thirty pounds! I always admired all the photos of the girls posing on stage on the walls and was motivated to get there myself. At that point he suggested giving bikini competitions a shot. I have now competed twice in the past year and placed in the top five both times! I have not yet reached my goal of placing first all around, but I am that much closer because of Dennis and Elena, and all of the supportive staff at New Body Architects!”

Janel Lopez

Janel Lopez

New Body Architects offered me the best guidance and support needed to compete in my first bikini competition. Dennis and Elena are a great team. With their help I was able to get leaner, stronger, and more confident. The most exciting part of all was that I accomplished my goals, I could not have done it without New Body Architects!

Rosemary Placencia

Rosemary Placencia

Bikini Award Winning

“With the help of New Body Architects I was able to uncover my true potential. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could get my bikini body back after having kids. Not only did I fit nicely in a bikini, but New Body Architects took it a step further and transformed my body into a fitness bikini body. I competed in my first two shows winning both 2nd and 1st place trophies! All these would not have been possible without the help and guidance of New Body Architects!”


“What the Health?”

As an exercise science professional, I have applied and researched on the topic of health through nutrition. There is an enormous amount of conflicting information out in the media that it’ll can make your head Read more…

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