The junk food industry has for years engineered their foods to keep us addicted. The chemical ingredients used in their products have addictive qualities.

Have you ever tried to just eat one Oreo cookie, or one mini donut, or a handful of Dorito chips??? It’s almost impossible!!! The affects of these foods are as addictive as crack! Our brain keeps wanting more and more.



Top 8 Most Addictive Junk Foods

1) Doritos                    

2) Cheetos

3) Oreo Cookies

4) M&Ms

5) Pre-made soups (Campbell’s)

6) French fries

7) Muffins

8) Ice Cream

Why are these foods so addictive?

Research has shown that junk food companies have perfected the process of subverting “sensory-specific satiety”.  These foods contain ingredients that stimulate taste buds just enough to be alluring, but don’t contain a distinctive or overriding flavor that tells brain to stop eating. There is no caloric density, which means the brain thinks there are no calories in the food you are consuming. You could keep eating forever!  These companies are well aware that their product is harming our society, but since it is a multi-million dollar business that continues to grow, our health is put on the back burner and disregarded.  It is up to the individual to do something about it.

Solution to the problem

The hardest part of this addiction is breaking the habit of eating junk foods.  The best way to start would be to rid your pantry and house of any and all junk food.  If you have kids, yes, break them of their habit too. Don’t use them as your excuse to keep the food in the house, because the temptation of having it around will be too great, and you will eventually give in.  The same applies to a smoker, trying to break the habit of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  You wouldn’t advise the smoker to keep a packet of cigarettes in his/her house, you would have them to stay as far away from them as possible until they overcome the addiction. Correct?

Top 8 Healthy Snacks

1) Carrot sticks

search2) Peppers dipped in hummus

3) Apple slices with almond butter

4) Greek yogurt

imgres5) Protein Bars (Ex: quest bar)

6) Lightly salted popcorn

7) Lettuce wraps with cuts of Deli                         turkey or chicken

8) Celery sticks with cottage cheese