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Before And After Results

The Results speak for themselves.

What are you waiting for?

Sara Josefson- “About a year ago I joined New Body Architects and I continue to train there today.  New Body Architects is like a family to me; the environment is incredibly supportive and the team helps to keep me motivated and inspired.  Without their support and guidance, I would not have been able to achieve my fitness goals and continue to improve.  I truly look forward to walking through those doors every day.”

Steffany Celento – “New Body Architects has given me the opportunity to reach my fitness goals and achieve strength and new career option in never knew as possible.  I am now 30 pounds lighter and down 3 dress sizes.  The training and consistent motivation and positive reinforcement I received from New body Architects inspired me and gave me the endurance to become a fitness instructor myself!  New Body Architects gave me the training, education and support necessary to change my life and be the woman I always knew I could be!  For that, I will be forever grateful to the New Body Architect’s family, and I will always cherish the lasting friendships that I made along the way!”

Erica Calix- New Body Architects is not the first place I’ve worked out at but it is the best Place I’ve worked out at.  In less then a year I’ve seen by far more results with NBA than the combined results from all the other places I’ve trained at.  NBA  has become my “happy place” as I call it because even when I’m dead tired I don’t want to miss my workout and as soon as I walk through the door my whole mood is uplifted.  The atmosphere is very friendly and homey.  As soon as you walk in you are greeted hello by Dennis, Elena or anybody else in the gym because this is what NBA fosters.  It is also a place filled with motivation like no other.  I recall my first few weeks and the times I would see these really fit girls come in and talk about competing.  I was amazed at their hard work and their results of course but I never, for once thought that I  would be in their place one day.  Now everyone want to know my secret and its as simple as New Body Architects.  My life has been completely and forever changed because of NBA.  I struggle with many health complications as a result of my two battles with cancer and this put a greater challenge on me when trying to get back to my pre-cancer body.  But this was no match for the skills that my trainers have.  They adjusted my workouts to my needs and managed to get me to surpass my goals.   At age 32 I look even better then at age 22 when I was a bikini model.  Something I never believed would be possible. I’m forever grateful for New Body Architects.

NBA Athletes

Dennis Sheppard / Owner – I have competed in the NGA, NPC and have competed in many shows taking 1st place and overall wins. Competing has given me the knowledge and experience to transform bodies from average to extraordinary! I have helped engineer over 21 first place wins and 6 overall wins in the past 4 years in bikini, figure and bodybuilding categories.  New Body Architects is where getting results is just the beginning!

Alyana Arroyo – “I have been training with Dennis since November of 2010. I originally came to him with hopes of losing a few pounds. I was the heaviest I had ever been and as a result lacked confidence. After consistently meeting with Dennis 2-3 times a week, I managed to lose over thirty pounds! I always admired all the photos of the girls posing on stage on the walls and was motivated to get there myself. At that point he suggested giving bikini competitions a shot. I have now competed twice in the past year and placed in the top five both times! I have not yet reached my goal of placing first all around, but I am that much closer because of Dennis and Elena, and all of the supportive staff at New Body Architects!”

Elena Ramos – I can honestly say my true personality does not match my biggest achievements. You can not be shy and step foot on stage and win. But I’ve learned that stepping out of that comfort zone is the greatest feat you can do for yourself.  It is the only way to grow. I was fortunate to have the best teachers guiding me every step of the way until I took my first step on stage. I won 1st place in my first bikini competition! I continue to train for future competitions, and only desire to become better and better with each competition I part take in.  It’s all mental.  “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind”.  New Body Architects not only trains the best, but creates the best of the best competitors!
Rosemary Placencia –  “With the help of New Body Architects I was able to uncover my true potential.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could get my bikini body back after having kids.  Not only did I fit nicely in a bikini, but New Body Architects took it a step further and transformed my body into a fitness bikini body.  I competed in my first two shows winning both 2nd and 1st place trophies!  All these would not have been possible without the help and guidance of New Body Architects!”
Adriana Martin – As a Fitness Expert and Competitor, I know what it takes to achieve results. Dennis and the New Body Architects team’s approach to fitness is based on the perfect combination of knowledge and support to their clients, which are the foundations of a result-driven program. For more information on Adriana’s products, TV and radio appearances, visit
Andrea Calle –  “I came to New Body Architects wanting to reshape my body, and of course to compete in fitness shows. My body transformed amazingly. The team at New Body Architects not only have the knowledge and experience to create winners, but they have the trophies to prove it! I took 1st place in my very first bikini competition. The process wasn’t easy, but the hard work was worth it. I will be competing in more shows in the future, with the goal of becoming a bikini pro.  But without New Body Architects I would have no clue on how to go about doing that.” For more info about Andrea click here:
Candy Brenn – “I came to New Body Architects looking to compete in fitness competitions.  I had absolutely no experience in doing shows or transforming my body into peak shape.  With the guidance of New Body Architects I was able to place 1st twice in my first two competitions!  The results I got were amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with the exposure and recognition I got from my first place wins!  I continue to train to keep improving my body, and with the goal to become a bikini pro in mind I will definitely be needing all the help I can get from New Body Architects, without them my achievements would not have been possible. For more info about Candy click here

Janel Lopez – New Body Architects offered me the best guidance and support needed to compete in my first bikini competition. Dennis and Elena are a great team. With their help I was able to get leaner, stronger, and more confident. The most exciting part of all was that I accomplished my goals, I could not have done it without New Body Architects!

All Natural Contest Preparation
We specialize in complete contest preparation without the use of steroids and other enhancers. We help prepare Body Builders, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini competitors. We offer everything from posing classes, nutritional counseling, to tanning. Getting the guidance and knowledge needed to perform at your peak is vital to winning or even placing at your next show. We have trained many competitors for various shows and they have all placed or have won the entire show. If you want to be completely natural, but look like you’re all jacked up on steroids. (as a body builder that is ) Keep on reading…….
New Body Architects is the only gym that offers this type of training in Broward County. Most of our trainers are all current competitors and are skilled in the knowledge of what it takes to be the best! ALL COMPETITORS ARE WELCOME!
We also work with models and athletes who need to prepare for photo shoots and sporting events.  If you’re ready to take your body to the next level, give us a call to see if you have what it takes!! Chances are we will have a program for you. Just don’t hesitate………training slots are constantly filling up. Call us for an appointment today!!

Here’s the number to call 954-232-0285