“What the Health?”

Posted on April 18th, 2023.

As an exercise science professional, I have applied and researched on the topic of health through nutrition. There is an enormous amount of conflicting information out in the media that it’ll can make your head spin. Through curiosity of my own, i decided to check out the health documentary by Kip Andersen,”What The Health”, who breaks down the health issues here in America in a very subjective light. The film uncovers a lot of issues about the meat industry and it’s hidden causes of disease and obesity in America.

A few key points the video “What the Health” emphasizes:

1) All meat, eggs, and dairy products are the cause of genetic disorders and chronic diseases (cancers, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)

2) Becoming vegan is the only way to reverse these chronic diseases.

3) Non-profit organizations keep this information hidden since they are sponsored by big name companies.

1) I agree we have a major food issue here in America, the fact that 2/3 of adults are considered overweight/obese is proof alone, and this is directly correlated with the food we eat along with our sedentary lifestyle. What I have a problem agreeing with is the exaggerated messages that were used in the short film. Messages like “drinking milk causes cancer”, or “eating eggs is as bad as smoking”, these statements obscure the actual truth. The real truths about meat, is that RED meat is high in saturated fats, and should be consumed small quantities. Health issues arise when people abuse or overeat high fatty foods, such as red meat and dairy. A high saturated fat diet does lead to heart disease, and other health complications, without a doubt. But switching to leaner meats, such as fish, turkey or chicken can decrease your chances of getting heart disease tremendously. By no means does 5 ounces of chicken breast have the same amount of fat as 5 ounces of ribeye steak!!! It’s laughable to put both in the same category!

“Drinking milk causes cancer”, again this statement its very exaggerated. There is not enough research supporting this conclusion. I wouldn’t consider milk, or even dairy for that matter, nutrient dense food, there is no nutrient in milk that you can’t get from leafy greens. What may happen when you consume milk, is that it may increase your chances of becoming overweight. Milk causes our bodies to hold onto fat, it sends signals to the brain to tell the body to grow, like babies do. This is why you see so many adults are lactose intolerant, adults aren’t meant to be able to digest milk.

2) His statements about how unhealthy it is to eat meat are meant to build the case that you must be vegan if you want to be healthy. He states that there is no evidence that consuming animal foods in moderation can turn heart disease around. But there is plenty of research that proves this. There is at least as much evidence that plant-based diets can reverse heart disease as there is evidence indicating lean protein diets can reverse heart disease. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against vegans and there way of eating, especially when you make the comparison to how most people eat, it is much healthier to be vegan for sure. But to say all meats are detrimental to your health, is just completely false.

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