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1 on 1 training offers private instruction by a selected trainer of your choice. (There is additional cost to train 1 on 1 with Dennis) You will receive all of the benefits that our personal training programs provide plus additional supervision and program customization. If you are rehabbing a injury or just want the peace of mind of added supervision, this plan is for you.

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Semi-private training offers all of the benefits included in our personal training programs at a reduced or discounted rate. If you are 100% healthy and highly motivated. This program is a great way to get in shape.

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Laser fat reduction treatments are the latest fat incinerating tool on the market. These treatments can spot reduce fat from stubborn areas of your body. Legs, arms, stomach are the most common areas. Yes, I call it a tool because it is only a part of the whole process that will PERMANENTLY get you lean and toned. Our goal is to help you get the body you want and coach you on how to keep it forever. Developing the skills needed to maintain your new body and creating healthy habits are the only way to ensure your success.