#1. “Should I eat before bed if I’m trying to lose weight?” I’m sure you’ve heard many a times, that your dinner meal should be your lightest meal of the day.  And this is true.  Lightest meal of course doesn’t mean that you should skip dinner if you get home too late. It’s what you eat […]


4 Reasons Why Your Cardio Routine is Making You FAT!!   #1 .  You Do High Intensity Cardio For Long Periods of Time This is where the saying “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing” comes into play.  If you start off your fitness plan doing 1hour of running in the morning […]


The Ultimate 21 Day Body Trim Program!

June 15, 2014

  The Ultimate 21 Day Body Trim Program!!   Are you ready to lose 10 POUNDS in 3 WEEKS???  FOR ONLY $99! Get in shape TODAY…       New Body Architects  has compiled a specialized personal training program that will have your body burning fat in no time!! We know all the short cuts, […]

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