“What the Health?”

by bodyadmin

As an exercise science professional, I have applied and researched on the topic of health through nutrition. There is an enormous amount of conflicting information out in the media that it’ll can make your head spin. Through curiosity of my own, i decided to check out the health documentary by Kip Andersen,”What The Health”, who […]


Let’s rephrase this question, “Is it possible to negate gravity? What goes up must come down right?” Right, and that’s just the fact.  If you eat junk food all day, there is no way your body isn’t going to look and feel like garbage, no matter how much exercise you do. There are some exceptions […]


28 day jump start to 6 pack abs

May 9, 2017

28 day jumpstart to 6 pack abs   Tired of exercising and dieting and nothing seems to work? WE KNOW THE SECRET TO GETTING THOSE ABS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED!  NOW FOR ONLY $199! CALL TODAY… Dennis (954)232-0285 OR Elena (954)224-8481   New Body Architects  has compiled a specialized personal training program that will have your […]

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