Why you aren’t too busy to get in shape

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Why You Aren’t TOO BUSY To Get In Shape

The most commonly used excuse in the book, “Oh I can’t workout, I’m just too busy”!  This is also the weakest excuse in the book. Why you ask? Well, realistically speaking, we all have down time, time that we take the opportunity to do what we WANT to do.  Some of us use it to watch our favorite show, talk on the phone, go to our favorite bar, attend a sporting event, go out to eat with friends and the list goes on.  We have DAILY down time that can be used towards exercising.  Obviously exercising is not on your priority list, but then why do we complain so much of being out of shape, if we’re not willing to make the necessary changes that heed results?  It’s simple. We don’t believe we can do it!  Deep down, we think we’re going to fail or succeed temporarily and then gain the weight back.  Or maybe we just lack the motivation needed to drive us.  Finding what motivates you, is critical component to your fitness success. Maybe it’s to look good in a bathing suit on your next vacation, or being healthy enough to run around with your grandchildren, or getting your hip to stop hurting. If that motivation is strong enough it will transmute into action and persist until success is achieved. I do not mean to put everyone down, I can understand some people are pressed for time because of their job, or they may have a big family, that can really make it challenging to find a chunk of time for exercise if you don’t already have it carved out.

But like I always like to say, “Where there is a strong enough desire, there is a way, if not, there will always be an excuse.” Below are a few hacks for squeezing exercise into the busiest of schedules.



How To Ensure You Get Your Workout In

1. Prioritize your daily list of things to do.

Your schedules may vary day to day, each evening take a look at tomorrow’s schedule and identify your best window of opportunity to exercise on that day. Is it first thing in the morning? Directly after work? Lunch hour? Jot it into your calendar. Keep in mind that today’s window may not work for tomorrow, so make it a habit to find tomorrow’s window every night.  Create a daily to do list of no more than 6 things that must be accomplished that day. Place your number one priority at the top of that list.

Daily to do list:

* Workout first thing in the am (6am)

* Morning meeting at work (9am)

* Turn in documents to boss (4:30pm)

* Kids baseball practice  (6pm)

* Dinner with parents (8pm)


2.  Be ok with small chunks of time.

A quick 30 minute workout, is better than no workout at all! If you are strapped for time, and only have a 20-30 minutes window to exercise, doing a quick paced workout can be just as effective as an hour workout. Make sure you only take necessary breaks, plug in your favorite music and don’t let anything distract you during this time frame. 

3. Always be prepared.

Keep a pair of sneakers and some workout clothes in the car or at work so you’re prepared anywhere, any time, to do a quick workout.  Prepare all your meals ahead of time for your busy day. Eating consistently the right foods will ensure you keep your energy levels high, and is a huge component when looking to get in better shape.

4. Find a workout partner.

Fix your lack of motivation by recruiting some emotional support. Nominate a friend, family member, co-worker or personal trainer to be your cheerleader and encourage you (positive messages only; no nagging) on a daily basis.

5. Morning workout.

For most people, the day only gets more demanding as it goes on. Your intent could very well be to exercise after work, but unexpected things come up that make it more difficult.  Sometimes your boss may catch you on your way out with more work, or you have a meeting after work that takes longer than predicted, you hit 2 hours of traffic and the list goes on. Working out first thing in the morning will ensure you get it done., and will get you energized for your day.  You will feel more alert, focused and driven.

6. Keep a positive perspective.

Keeping a positive mindset is a powerful way to support a healthier lifestyle.  Realize that the thoughts that dominate your mind will eventually reproduce themselves into physical action.  If you tell yourself,  ” I will devote 45 minutes daily of exercising my body into a healthier, fitter self”, then this attitude is most guaranteed to bring you success.

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