Exercise Less for Better Results!

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Exercise less for better results!!!


There a few key factors that have a huge influence on the outcome of your training program.


#1  Key Factor: A lean tone healthy body starts in the kitchen. A popular phrase used by exercise experts is”you can’t out train poor nutrition!”  You can train for hours without end everyday, but if you feed your body junk all that hard work goes wasted!  Let me paint you a picture.

Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza (2 slices)

680 CALORIES  (most of the calories coming from fat and carbs)





That means you would need to WALK BRISKLY for 189 minutes or jog for 78 minutes!







That’s a lot of exercise.  Who really has that kind of time?  Unless you have the right kind of nutrition incorporated into your fitness program your body will not make the progress needed to reach your goals.


#2 Key Factor: Long hours and days of training hard is not always smart, and definitely will not guarantee you quicker results.

Taking 1 or 2 days from your training to allow your body some recovery  time can actually improve results. You might not even realize you are overtraining until you take time off, a tired body won’t change.

Common symptoms of overtraining would be crankiness, lack of energy, unmotivated to working out “burnt out”, constantly achy and sore. Your body holds limited amounts of reserve energy for recovery. Deplete your reserves, and you’re asking for trouble. The phrase “too much of anything is never good”, this applies to exercise as well.  After allowing your body rest it will return stronger, more energized, and more efficient!  And your body will start changing again!


#3 Key Factor: So what is the appropriate amount of exercise you ask? 1 hour of both weighttraining and cardio is plenty, 3-4 days a week. This is appropriate for the average person starting a new fitness program.  Length of cardio and workout intensity will vary according to each person’s fitness level and goals.  Too much exercise causes the body to stress resulting in cortisol levels to increase and  the body to hold onto fat. Not at all what you thought?  Well the good news is that there’s no need for you to kill yourself in the gym, taking the smart approach and accepting the fact that it might take you a little while to get to your goal is the better way to go. Progressive improvement toward your fitness goals will lead to a more permanent outcome.


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