Losing Weight VS Toning Up

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Losing Weight VS Toning Up


Losing weight, and toning up is the most commonly desired fitness goal for a personal trainer to hear.  Which is fine. But there is a grey area that must be explained when a client is close to there target weight, and weight-loss becomes less and muscle gains become more dominant.


When starting a new workout program, weight-loss is the most prominent during the first few weeks or months of training, especially in overweight/ sedentary individuals.  The gains your body receives from losing those initial pounds are incredible; energy levels increase, blood pressure comes down, serious health conditions improve, self-confidence become evident and the list goes on. Once most of the unwanted weight has come off then it’s time to focus on body composition (body fat %, circumference measurements; waist, hips, thighs).  The scared faces that I’ve seen when I explain to some clients that it’s normal to see weight gains when your weight-training, shows me that this topic isn’t fully understood by most individuals wanting to lose weight and tone up.

Toning Up

Gaining muscle through weight training is the best thing you can do for your body, it boosts your metabolism, makes you shed fat faster, makes you stronger, protects your joints, have more energy and gives you an all around better looking body!  Let me break it down even more. If a woman weighs 118 but has a body fat of 29.5%, she will not look as good as a woman who weighs 10 pounds more and has a body fat of 15%!  This is a great example of how the scale isn’t the best reliant when toning up is the goal.  The scale will not show your body fat dropping and your body tightening.  Besides, if you start noticing some positive changes in your body, and you start feeling more confident, and your smaller clothes are fitting you better, the scale should be the last thing on your mind.  Now, is it as easy as I’m making it sound to gain muscle, not at all.  It takes time and dedication in the gym, the right type of eating, and the proper guidance from a fitness professional.

These individuals weigh around the same, but look completely different.

Which would you choose???

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